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Far Infrared Sauna Sessions

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Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Saunas are different than a regular sauna because it uses light to create the heat. Only 20% of the air is heated allowing the body to absorb the other 80% without the high temperatures. There are many studies you can research online that show the many benefits of FIR light.  Its heat deeply penetrates the muscles, joints, and tissue increasing heart rate and circulation and speeds up the oxygen flow. This supports the detoxing of heavy metals and other toxins that have accumulated over time. Daily sweating also helps purify the skin, reduce pain and inflammation, and gives you an overall sense of relaxation that will help with sleep as well. 

Before and After Care

Do Your Best To Eat Light!

For a least 2 days before your colonic do your best to eat light. Things like steamed veggies, quinoa, with raw tahini and lemon, salads, fruits in the morning, and/or green juices and smoothies. On the day of your colonic make sure you’re finished eating at least 2 hours before and finished drinking at least 1 hour before your session. After the colonic, for the rest of the day, keep eating light foods like juice, smoothies, and or salad with avocado. Always eat fruits by themselves in the morning. They digest much faster and so should always be eaten first before other foods that take much longer to digest. Avoid eating after 7 pm. Our body digests better during the day.

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