Here at Tree of Life Colonics, I use the most natural method of colon hydrotherapy. This is a physical, as well as spiritual cleansing. This system relies on the downward flow of filtered purified water and is completely hygienic and safe. The gentle inflow of water is held for a bit in the colon and then released while the water is flowing down through the speculum stimulating a release that is continually and easily washed away by this flow. The rate of the flow is controlled and adjusted to the comfort of the client. There’s a continual gentle and natural flow of water filling, and waste releasing at the same time. The therapist works with the system to assist in allowing the water to slowly flow a little at a time, then eventually reaching the full length of the large intestine. Ensuring a thorough cleanse and the maximum benefit. There are no electrical pumps, so no pressure and force ever happen. This means the body naturally invites the water into the bowels, which makes it so there’s very little discomfort if any at all. Consequently, this stimulates the colon’s peristalsis contraction and as a result, tones the muscle wall, and digestion can improve.

Colon Hydrotherapy is sometimes called an internal bath and is similar to an external bath. The digestive system is a continuum to the outside of our bodies. Like a tunnel or tube, the inner wall is still on the outside and exposed to all that flows through. This is why it makes perfect sense to want to keep it clean.

It is true that colonics can be uncomfortable. There may be times you will feel some cramping. This only happens when your body is about to release, and the feeling goes away soon after. The cool part is that you don’t have to do anything but relax on a cozy table warmed by the Far-InfraRed Amethyst Crystal Bio-Mat which assists in releasing toxins and reducing inflammation.

Deficiencies come from empty foods we put in our bodies that build up toxins over time. Empty foods are foods that have been processed, refined, and filled with harmful additives and preservatives. These foods don’t digest well and leave a residue behind that over time can cause inflammation and the forming of mucoid plaque. This is a breeding ground for parasites and other less than desirable pathogens. The body will actually produce white blood cells to protect itself from the invasion. Mucoid plaque then lines the intestinal wall and in turn, inhibits the absorption of nutritional foods. A series of colonics can help with the release of this toxic build-up. Afterward, nutrients are easily absorbed through the large intestine, by removing these toxins through colon hydrotherapy and committing to a more plant-based lifestyle. 

Colon Hydrotherapy Gravity method techniques have been used the world over for thousands of years. It is efficient and effective in supporting the elimination of waste. This and many other natural healing modalities are not new. Our ancient ancestors taught and used these methods of healing because they possessed an awareness of true healing therapeutics based on nature’s principles. Nature is the only true healing therapeutic there is. One in which you change the things that are causing you harm and start doing the things that create ease in the body. By doing this the body releases all that is unwanted and allows space for regeneration.

The therapist is in the room during the whole treatment so you will have a supportive and interactive session. This natural flow method allows you to get in touch with your body’s natural rhythms helping you to know when to fill and release. This makes for an easier and more comfortable experience. Truly, this colonic method is not messy or smelly because all is contained and released through disposable speculums, and medical-grade, hypoallergenic latex tubing.

I assure you that you’re in the best care possible. The atmosphere is peaceful, serene, calming, and immaculately clean. At Tree of Life Colonics, you’re treated with respect and I take the time to listen to all your cares and concerns. I do this because I care. After having suffered through illness with so many symptoms, I know what it takes to make the decision to feel better. To feel alive and open-hearted to the endless possibilities of health. Years ago dis-ease burdened me and now I’m living proof that nature wants to heal you. So don’t wait any longer.

While you’re here at the Tree of Life you are encouraged and supported in taking responsibility for your own health. Getting a series of colonics is a good first step.

Colonics Help With

constipation, abnormal body odor, bad breath, backache, arthritis, fatigue, insomnia, menstrual problems, hemorrhoids, tender abdomen, food cravings, coated tongue, poor digestion headaches, diarrhea, irritable bowel, bloating, excessive gas, parasites, indigestion, allergies, yeast overgrowth, brittle nails and hair

Natural Water Flow colonics are an alternative way to prepare for a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is a procedure done by a physician to examine the large intestine to diagnose gastrointestinal symptoms.

Some Benefits of Colonics

Improves bowel regularity, resolves constipation, increases energy levels, improves mood, clearer brighter skin, boosts the immune system, supports weight loss alkalizing, hydration supports detox, assists in the removal of bacteria, gas parasites toxins dead cells, mucus in the colon, assists the detox process during a fast or cleanse