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Please Read Before Booking!

First, it’s important to read the contraindication page, so you know if receiving a colonic is right for you. A diagnosis of any of these conditions renders you contraindicated for colon hydrotherapy services. With a written letter from your doctor, you still may be able to receive a colonic session. 

First appointment is always longer.

The first appointment is a half-hour longer than any following sessions. This is so we can fill out forms and go over everything you need to know to complete your colon hydrotherapy session. 

Resting time after your session.

If this is your first appointment you may want to give yourself the rest of the day after receiving the colonic to see how your body responds. By reading the what to expect page you will feel more confident and comfortable about making a decision for yourself. After you read these pages and you’re still not sure, please visit your doctor for advice.

Informed Consent Disclaimer

I have read and understand the contraindications page and have not been diagnosed with any contraindications for colon irrigation. Therefore I’m aware that colon irrigation and enema device service persons are not physicians and therefore do not insert, diagnose, or prescribe. All Clients are required to self-insert their speculum. By signing the waiver provided on your first visit you agree to have me assist you in that process. Either way, you always have the right to self-insert and the right to ask for assistance.  I am aware of perforations, injury, and illness that have been alleged and claimed with the use of colon irrigation. In addition, I understand that the incursion of the speculum is my own responsibility. During the session, if I experience discomfort or pain, I know that I am responsible for immediately stopping my session.

Tree of Life Colonics has my complete and full permission to perform colon irrigation now that I have read, and do not have any of the contraindications listed on the contraindication page. I’m fully aware and agree to the Informed Consent, Disclaimer, and Tree of Life Colonics policies. Therefore having read the contraindications for colon hydrotherapy I hereby agree that I am responsible for the services received here.