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Pure filtered water is used to gently wash out the large intestine, also known as the colon, of old toxic waste that has accumulated over time due to processed foods, environmental toxins, and emotions that put stress on our bodies. 

The colon is an organ also known as the large intestine. It’s part of the digestive system also called the digestive tract. The colon is about 5 feet long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. 

Gravity colonics are so gentle and safe. It uses only the natural downward flow of water without the use of a pump or pressure system. This allows your body to slowly receive the water without force and simultaneously release as soon as it’s ready. The therapist is in the room supporting the process with a comfortable belly rub. This stimulates peristalsis movement to help strengthen a sluggish colon.    

Colon Hydrotherapy or colonics are safe and very effective. This process is natural and has been performed all over the world for thousands of years. In the 1920’s to the 1940’s hospitals administered colonics to most all patients as a first procedure. Why? Because they’re safe and they work. I also use disposable speculums and all equipment is cleaned and sterilized after each client. 

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Eat light meals of fruits and vegetables. Do not eat meat, eggs, or dairy for a few days before or after your session. On the day of your appointment don’t eat anything 2 hours before or drink anything 1 hour before your colonic. 

What goes in must come out. Sometimes what we eat, feel, think, and are exposed to goes in but has some difficulty coming out. Our bodies are also sloughing off old cells to make room for the new. We can assist this cleansing in many ways. One excellent way is to take a bath, an internal bath. 

At times someone may feel a little abdominal cramping while the colon is releasing the waste. As the water fills the colon the light pressure stimulates the colon to contract. The contraction is called peristalsis. The discomfort will subside after the release is finished. This can happen when you first start out with colonics. Then after some reconditioning of the colon wall, this will stop. Most people feel relaxed and a sense of ease during, and especially after a colonic. Others report feeling clear headed and light hearted. 

One colonic can relieve you of constipation and help you through a detox period. When you’re ill it’s usually because there’s a toxic buildup in the body. Your body is doing what it is designed to do to get rid of it. You can help it along with a colonic. One colonic can be a good way to restart a healthy life style change because it encourages you to take notices of how you feel. Still, one colonic will not completely clean out the large intestine. Many people have years of accumulated waist built up hiding in crevices and pockets. Things like parasites, mucous, hard rubbery plaster like debris. This takes time to soften and move out. 

Peristalsis is a wave like motion of the colon wall that moves waist through and out of the rectum and anus.  

We all need to clean out our colons, at least once in a while. How many depends of your individual needs. You can discuss with the therapist what your best plan would be. 

The most common feeling is one of lightness, clear headedness, and happiness. Think of how you feel after a big bowel movement. Well, this is 100 times better. Less common is someone could feel light headed or dizzy and maybe nauseous. Possibly  due to the stirring up of old toxins and a sign that a series of at least 3 colonics would be beneficial. 

This may be a quick fix but if you rely on these your colon will become sluggish and weak.

An enema is when you fill a small container like a hot water bottle with water and use the enema attachments to put the water in your colon. You can do this by getting on your elbows and knees in the tub with you bottom in the air and open up the tube that enters your colon and let the content of the bottle fill you. Hold it for about 15 minutes or until you feel the urge to go and then get up onto the toilet and let it go. So the difference is the amount of water and how many times the colon is filled and washed out. However, during a colonic the water will reach all the way to the cecum with many fills and releases. All the while you will be relaxing on a soft table warmed up with the Amethyst Crystal BioMat. 

A colonic can help you loose weight along with a heathy diet rich in nutrients and high in fiber. The colonic alone will get rid of pounds of old faecal matter but without changing ones habits you won’t actually lose weight.   

The day after and possibly for a couple of days you may not have a bowel movement. That’s because you have emptied out much of what was in your large intestine. Your  colon needs time to rebalance. Also, an overall weakness in the colon muscles might be the reason.  More colonics may be suggested to help strengthen peristalsis.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe practice, when it’s done by a professionally trained therapist. You need to make yourself aware of the contraindication on my site. 

It’s important to keep hydrated the days before during and after your colonic session with purified water and fresh squeezed juices.  Although rare, electrolytes can become imbalanced especially if you have underlying health issues like kidney or heart problems.

Please check with your doctor before trying a colon cleanse, especially if you’re taking any medications or have health problems listed on the contraindication page. 


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