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Poor eating and lifestyle habits can slowly catch up to you and out of nowhere have you feeling down.

We all make choices that are less than the best. Sometimes it’s not in our control, like while traveling or visiting family and friends.

I know that digestive problems take away from living a full life and can cause a long list of uncomfortable symptoms.

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Did you know that fresh fruits will keep you cool in the summertime? 

You need to eat them alone and all day for it to work. Most other foods will keep you feeling the heat. Digestion heats the body so keep it simple with cold smoothies and light salads. 

Cool off with Colonics and Fruit

Cooling Summer Fruits

Berry Smoothie

  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • 1 Young Thai Coconut (from an asian market) or coconut water or coconut yogurt or coconut milk. Coconut water from the Young Thai Coconuts are the best and will keep you cool!!!!

Clean the colon with water and get on with LIFE!


Tree of Life Colonics supports you in gaining more clarity, energy and wellbeing. 

So much goes into creating a happy, healthy, thriving, successful life. We all know how challenging it can be to maintain a life that’s thriving when we feel less than excellent.

I have helped many people maintain a healthy, balanced life, by offering gravity colon hydrotherapy and infrared saunas. These two methods of detox are supreme tools for cellular cleansing, and rejuvenation.


One colonic can leave you feeling a bit lighter and clear headed and jump start you into choosing a change in life style that will greatly benefit your gut health.


A series of colonics can:

Give you a feeling of lightness, clarity and wellbeing, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Relieve you from gas, bloating and, resolves constipation,

Exercises the colon wall toning and restoring the colons natural peristalsis. This improves elimination of fecal matter during a bowel movement.

Supports the ecosystems micro-flora by removing unbalanced bacteria. Correcting the balance of friendly/non-friendly bacteria internally.

Clear out the old mater increasing the absorption of nutrients through the colon wall leaving you with clearer brighter skin.

Decrease the overall risk of colon dis-ease with a regular colonic maintenance.

Supports overall health by removing toxicity in the body thus strengthening the immune system and assists the detox process during a fast or cleanse.  

Wash away parasites, mucus, dead cells and old hardened fecal mater that has been there for longer than you ever wanted it to be. 

Support weight loss, hydration, and alkalinity. 

Natural Water Flow colonics are an alternative way to prepare a for a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is a procedure done by a physician to examine the large intestine for diagnoses gastrointestinal symptoms.

Toxic waste left in the colon creates an environment for things like fungus, mold, yeast, and parasites to thrive.

Only changing one’s diet will stir up the toxic stew that has accumulated in the body on a cellular level.

This creates an acid build up in the body that manifest as “dis-ease”. You experience things like, poor digestion, lack of ease, depression, frustration, fear, apathy, loneliness, fatigue, mental confusion, toxic overload, and constipation.


A series of colonics are advisable while changing your bad habits into healthy ones.

Relieve constipation and gas. Detoxify cells. Get rid of old fecal matter, mucus plaque, parasites. Lessen the symptoms of a cold and moon cycle. Strengthen a sluggish colon.

You will feel vibrant, energetic and clear headed. 

Come in feeling Crapy and Leave feeling Happy.

What you'll Get!

1. The most gentle and effective colonic system ever. It’s been around for thousands of years.

Assists the bodies natural ability to eliminate waste and effectively carry it away.

2. Aromatherapy and belly rubs to help assist your body to release.

This will make your colonic much more beneficial.

3. A free coconut water after your session.

Supports hydration and balances electrolytes.

4. You will be lying on the amazing Far-Infrared Amethyst Crystal Bio-Mat.

This naturally and gently warms the body and help you to completely relax.

5. A peaceful home like atmosphere and completely hygienic and safe.

This is wonderful for comfort and relaxation. Your privacy is always respected.

The most natural method of Colon Hydrotherapy!
Using a high quality filtration system, water flows down from above slowly and gently filling the colon. This system has been custom designed to assist in the body's natural ability to eliminate waste and effectively carry it away. Certified in the Woods Gravity Method the therapist is aware of the body's natural rhythms and is able to intuitively support the process. Sessions generally last an hour. For more information go to the HOME drop down menu. To book an appointment click the book button.